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Tui Cakau suspended from Parliament

May 22, 2015

Tui Cakau

The Privileges Committee has recommended that Tui Cakau be suspended from Parliament for two years for using obscene words to describe the Speaker of the House Jiko Luveni.

The Committee has an audio recording from Communications Fiji Limited where Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu calls Luveni a ‘vutusona’ and ‘cavuka’. The incident took place at a public SODELPA meeting last Thursday in Makoi.

In it’s report tabled in Parliament this morning, the committee said:

According to the audio recording, it is clear that Hon. Lalabalavu referred to the Hon. Speaker as “vutusona”. The iTaukei term is extremely obscene and gravely offensive as it literally means anal sex. Following that statement, Hon. Lalabalavu then referred to the Hon. Speaker as “cavuka”, which means retarded or mentally challenged when he had mocked her by saying that she stood up when the Opposition side stood up during a particular sitting. In all these instances his reflections on the Hon. Speaker drew laughter from the audience.

When summoned by the Committee to give his evidence, Hon. Lalabalavu was evasive about what had actually transpired at the SODELPA meeting. He also stated that the slurs in the iTaukei language may not have been necessarily directed at the Hon. Speaker.

Hon. Lalabalavu also submitted that the manner in which the slurs were said did not mean that they were abusive as such, especially since the Hon. Speaker is also a member of the Tovata Confederacy. According to Hon. Lalabalavu, that is the relationship of the “vanua” and in the context of the “vanua”, that is how they engage in such a cultural setting.

However, the fact is that this meeting was a public meeting for which a permit had been obtained. The fact is that this was not a cultural gathering of the Tovata Confederacy. This was a public meeting by SODELPA which advertised this meeting as constituency meeting in which all members of the public were invited. It was not limited to members of the Tovata Confederacy. It was covered by the media for all Fijians.

The committee’s report stated:

It should be noted that under section 20(h) of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act (Cap. 5), any person who utters or publishes any false or scandalous slander or libel on Parliament or upon any member in his or her as such commits an offence and such an offence warrants inter alia imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

Hon. Lalabalavu viciously and scandalously attacked the Hon. Speaker and made a mockery of the institution of Parliament and important arm of the constitutional system of government. It was so vicious and scandalous that it would be difficult to find such contempt in other jurisdictions.

Given the above, the Privileges Committee strongly recommends that Hon. Lalabalavu must be suspended from Parliament for at least two years of the term of Parliament, with immediate effect from 21 May 2015. During the period of suspension, he is not allowed to enter the parliamentary precincts including the Opposition Office. He must also issue a public apology in writing to the Hon Speaker. Immediately upon his suspension, he must be ordered to leave the precincts of Parliament and to remain outside of Parliament precincts. If he fails to comply, necessary enforcement measures must be imposed to ensure compliance. 
The recommendation is being debated in Parliament and it is highly likely it will be passed.

Side note: When Jiko Luveni was illegal Minister for Women she blamed women for getting raped.

She said: “Women should dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes.”

“If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble.”

source – c4.5; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Khaiyum cites Tui Cakau for ‘swearing’ at Speaker

May 19, 2015

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum claims the Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu swore at the Speaker of the House, Jiko Luveni, and has pushed Parliament to discipline him.

Yesterday in Parliament, Khaiyum called the Speaker ‘Vutusona’ and ‘Cavuka’ then said he has a recording of Ratu Naiqama saying those same words at the Speaker.

This recording is yet to surface.

The swear words were apparently used at a Sodelpa meeting last Thursday, not in Parliament. But Khaiyum claims Ratu Naiqama breached his Parliamentary privilege.

Should we then start disciplining any parliamentarian who swear outside of Parliament?

The Fiji Parliament is already a circus, now this.

Khaiyum put this motion to a vote:

  1. Hon. Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu be cited for a serious breach of privilege and contempt of Parliament
  2. that the matter be now referred to the Privileges Committee under Standing Order 134(2)(b) to determine the type of sanction for the breach and
  3. that the Privileges Committee must meet today 18 May 2015, and provide its recommendations to Parliament at the latest by Thursday 21 May 2015 as to what sanctions should be imposed by Parliament against Honourable Lalabalavu, after which such action as deemed appropriate by Parliament shall be taken.

A number of members in the Opposition decided not to vote.

The matter is now before the six-person Privileges Committee, one of whom is Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The Committee will deliver its verdict on Ratu Naiqama’s fate on Thursday.

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Fiji’s ambassador to China getting salary package of $200,000 plus

April 29, 2015

Yen for travel: Naivalurua

He was getting good money when he was Police Commissioner and continues to be rewarded as a regime stooge.

Ioane Naivalurua’s contract as Fiji’s newest Ambassador to China shows he’s earning less than the base salary he was getting while heading the police force but is cashing in overall because of his allowances.

His contract shows he’s now being paid $79,009, which is at the top of the scale (grade

US02), plus allowances totalling $154,702, giving him a total package of $231,711.

Naivalurua’s contract to serve ‘diligently and faithfully’ is for three years and was issued in February. It was signed by the Acting Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Esala Nayasi.

Naivalurua was Ambassador at Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the regime failed to renew his contract.

Senior police officers had earlier leaked information to C4.5 about his salary saying he had a salary of $97,000, an entertainment allowance of $40,000 and ran up a lot of expenses, including overseas travel.

They also said the military appointed police chief also pocketed a $20,000 bonus for hosting a Crime Free Workshop, which was sponsored by Vodafone and $87,000 as chairman of the Fiji Post board, plus $35,000 in commission from tenders for Post Fiji.

Naivalurua was made police

commissioner amid stories he was a beneficiary of the 2006 coup having taken a year’s leave before the takeover happened coming aboard through masipol with Frank Bainimarama.
He then helped remove his predecessor, Esala Teleni, former senior RFMF officers Roko Ului Mara and Pita Driti with the help of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the Permanent Secretary for the illegal government, Pio Tikoduadua, who is now a Fiji First Minister.

Another regime stooge rewarded.

Source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for swm

Fiji First chief fundraisers rewarded

April 28, 2015

Last Friday saw the first meeting of the Constitutional Offices Commission and it was evident that Fiji First continues to reward its staunchest supporters.

The Commission has 6 members – the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Leader of the Opposition, two nominees of the PM and one nominee of the Opposition Leader, assisted by the Solicitor-General.

During this first meeting, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa added her nominee, constitutional lawyer Richard Naidu, while Frank Bainimarama put forward Sanjay Kaba and Ajit Kodagoda.

Both Kaba and Kodagoda are not legal experts therefore their nominations politicise what is supposedly an independent Commission. They were, of course, the chief fundraisers for Fiji First during the last year’s election.

Kodagoda is already the Chairman of Fiji National Provident Fund and Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority Boards.

He is also the chief financial officer of C J Patel Group of Companies, which currently enjoys duty concession on milk and has been profiteering by charging high prices for milk consumed by the people of Fiji.

And after the death of C J Patel owner Sundip Patel, Kodagoda runs the daily operations of the company.

Sanjay Kaba burst onto the scene when the regime came in and with the help of Felix Anthony usurped the contractors and project developers of the Natadola Resort after the coup.

As a partner of HLK Jacob, Kaba’s firm became the project’s structural engineers, and under the not so watchful eyes of Felix Anthony as NBRL Chairman, the cost ballooned to more than 300 million dollars, which had to be written off.

Kaba also oversaw structural engineering during the extensive renovation and remodelling of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s posh home in Namadi Heights.

So yet again, Fiji First has neutralised the independence of an important body by rewarding its boys.
This is Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum’s version of true democracy.
source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for swm

Another Fijian institution destroyed

April 8, 2015

Frank Bainimarama’s regime government has taken a machete to another Fijian institution – boarding schools.

Adi Cakobau, Ratu Kadavulevu and Queen Victoria Schools will from next year only cater for students from remote areas in a one-eyed plan to level the playing field for Indian students.

All three schools have been prominent for providing quality education and producing great Fijian leaders, many who have gone on to become CEOs, Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents of Fiji.

They have also produced notable sports players.

But Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says the boarding schools were originally meant to cater for students who hailed from the interior and remote outer islands.

He said lately, this privilege had been abused by students within urban areas whom he referred to as the elite group.

“I want to announce today that next year, no boarding space will be given to students from urban areas or the elite in all facilities in the government boarding schools such as QVS, ACS, RKS and the likes.

“Boarding schools will only be reserved for children that come from the remote outer islands or the interior of our mainland.

“Children in urban areas are expected to get their education from the many nearby schools available to them in their areas.”

Adi Cakobau School (ACS) was established as a boarding school by the government in 1948 and was named after King Cakobau’s grand-daughter. Its English language curriculum included traditional academic subjects, traditional dance, music and crafts.

Ratu Kadavulevu School

Queen Victoria School (QVS) was established in 1906 initially to provide education to the sons of Fijian Chiefs but over the years students have been multiracial.

Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) is said to be the largest of the three boarding schools. Its students are multiracial, but predominantly Fijian.

Former students of the three schools have vowed to ‘save our schools’.

One former student wrote:

1. The three schools mentioned were not established for the reasons claimed by the Minister. The reasons for their respective establishment are facts that are well documented, and it would do the Minister good, to do his own research on this. The National Archives; for which he is Minister should have irrefutable information on this. I think that the Minister has either been ill-advised or has just been plain ignorant of the facts.

2. Although the three schools have primarily educated Itaukei students over the years, they have all also had the privilege of having students of other ethnicity, and indeed international backgrounds.

3. When the three schools were established, the Itaukei race was still largely rural based, and this is probably where the Minister’s claim is originating from. However; there have been significant social and demographic shifts in the decades since. This is a fact that must be recognized.

4. The three schools, and indeed any school in Fiji; have never had any policy that excluded any student based on ethnicity, religious belief, social class, or family residential address. Any such policy would be discriminatory. I have never seen or experienced during my years at one the three schools mentioned; any evidence that it catered only to a certain class of people. There was always a healthy and balanced mix of students from different social backgrounds. In fact, in didn’t matter who you were or who your parents were, or whether your home was in the city or the village; if you qualified through gaining the required standards, then that was all that mattered. That is the way it should remain.

5. There are other government boarding schools that have students / boarders who come from urban based families. Will this policy apply to those schools as well ?

6. Does the Minister realise that by implementing such a policy, the three schools will be greatly and unfairly disadvantaged, as they will not be able to accept a student who might be eminently academically capable, or possessing outstanding athletic abilities; simply because his or her family resides in a certain part of the country?

7. Has the Minister considered the great disruption that this policy will cause ? Given that (a) thousands of parents and students will have to all of a sudden look for alternative schools (b) immediate and medium term plans and strategies of schools in areas such as sports, student leadership, etc; will be thrown into disarray. The Minister must remember that schools are made up of more than just books, buildings, and facilities. Although government is the legal owner of the three schools; it is important for us to ask the question; Who is the government ? I would dare suggest that ultimately the government is ….The People.

source c4.5; posted by rusi varani for SWM

8. Ultimately this is an issue that challenges parents’ and students’ freedom to choose the school that they want to patronize or enrol at. On that basis; it should not be an issue of concern only for Students, Parents and Alumni of Adi Cakobau School, Queen Victoria School, and Ratu Kadavulevu School, but should be for stakeholders of every school in Fiji.

Leader of Opposition challenges coup instigator’s lies to UN

March 16, 2015

Bainimarama: Fools UN but not those at home.

It’s long for a quick read but SODELPA party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa’s point by point critique of Frank Bainimarama’s claims in his speech to the UN about how much he’s done for Fiji is worth it just for the fact that someone is challenging the lies.

Ro Kepa’s statement:
Having read the Prime Minister’s rhetoric to such an important body as the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and on such an important topic that has such a huge impact on our people demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt to all that a statesman he is not and the moral compass of our nation as embodied in the PM’s statements has again taken a turn for the worst.

He has made many remarks that require a response and I do so as follows:


FB: Mr. President, I stand before you as the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Fiji, having led my Fiji First Party to a decisive victory in the first genuinely democratic election in Fijian history last September.

RTK: Apart from the removal of the ethnic voting element used in previous elections, the 2014 elections held were not democratic, free, fair or transparent and the ‘decisive victory’ was based on an imposed constitution and totally controlled and manipulated election process.

There is nothing democratic about a system of voting that allows a candidate with 830 votes to enter Parliament and deny 32 others who polled more a seat in the House.

The first truly Democratic Constitution FB: That election took place on the basis of a new Constitution that for the first time, creates a secular State, establishes a common and equal citizenry, reaffirms civil and political rights and also guarantees the Fijian people an unprecedented array of social and economic rights. This includes the right to education, the right to adequate health care, adequate food and water, housing, sanitation, economic participation, a just minimum wage, social security and specific rights for people with disabilities and children.

RTK: They say that if you repeat your lies often enough, you begin to believe it, and I am certain that is what QORVIS and their propaganda machine have instilled in Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum. Just keep lying and soon it becomes the truth.

That would be true if the entire population decided to give up and submit to our usurpers. But thankfully 202,650 citizens or 41% of the registered voters did not vote for Frank Bainimarama. So only 91,064 votes separates the support for the Government vs. the support that the Opposition and other unsuccessful parties represent, and this is despite what we believe to be a compromised election process and when we present our final report the people will then know what took place.

Frank Bainimarama knowingly misleads the International community by omitting to speak truthfully and factually about the origins of the 2013 Constitution.

Having trashed the People’s 2012 Draft Constitution, Aiyaz Khaiyum drafted the 2013 Constitution which was imposed on the people. The motivation for this was that the 2012 People’s draft did not grant the usurpers of our Democracy Frank Bainimarama and his co-conspirators Aiyaz Khaiyum & co, absolute immunity.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Fiji’s Puppet Commander Hides Criminal Activities

March 16, 2015
The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Commander, Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga [Fischer] said that the RFMF [meaning Bainimarama and Khaiyum]  was   prepared to open up some of its books for scrutiny by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). However, the puppet Commander also pointed out that the RFMF’s private funds were always audited by external auditors.  Basically, sources claim, the private accounts  have not been audited as it involves Bainimarama’s fraudulent use of the accounts..

However, the RFMF Commander, like a good scared little boy, did what he was told to do and appeared before PAC.  Like a parrot he repeated his instructions saying that since 2010 the RFMF had strengthened its internal audit system.  In 2010, sources say that access to the private accounts was  restricted to Bainimarama and his goons.  No one else had access to them.

“The RFMF, continues the puppet Commander,  has continuously updated our regulation, our financial manual, the first written in 2010. These are all done to continuously make the improvements as per the Auditor-General’s report.  BUT the auditor general was never allowed to access to the accounts.  Brigadier-General Tikoitoga LIED to the Acting Auditor-General Atunaisa Nadakuitavuki.

Both the RFMF and Auditor-General’s Office will plot a way forward for auditing considering the ‘layers’ of private funds within the RFMF.  But the RFMF is a government institution and therefore is answerable to the people and parliament for all its activities.  The so called Private funds, if used illegally or fraudulently, could bring the RFMF and the Government and Fiji into disrepute.

Hence the audits by the Auditor General to provide independent assurance to Parliament and to the people of Fiji that public sector agencies, including the RFMF, have used public funds legally in accordance with legislation and proper financial management rules and regulations.

Government Whip Semi Koroilavesau suggested that these external audit reports of the private accounts be made available to the Public Accounts Committee.  Yes, what “khaiyum” version will we be shown?

source- TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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