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Nepotism in Bainimarama’s Fiji

August 27, 2015

Fiji’s self-appointed and megalomaniac AG, Kahiyum, stated [Fiji Times Aug 21 2015] that NEPOTISM still exists in most businesses and State-owned enterprises, claiming that …  human resources personnel would hire family members for the job within.
According to Khaiyum, there is a need to have a transparent process of selection of employees.    Really?!!   Khaiyum and Bainimarama have hired their unqualified family and friends to top jobs.

Khaiyum made the comments at the 2015 Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) Congress in Nadi.  Khaiyum’s comments clearly highlights his “two-faced” nature!

Fiji’s dictator and self-appointed PM, Frank Bainimarama, appointed his unqualified and clueless family members to top jobs.  This includes:

  • His brother Meli, WITH NO EXPERIENCE, as High Commissioner to Malaysia
  • His daughter, Litiana, WITH NO EXPERIENCE or clue, is CEO of The Fiji Sports Council
  • His daughter, Rubyann, WITH NO EXPERIENCE is Manager of the National Net Ball Team
  • His brother in law, Francis Kean, who only served a few months of his manslaughter prison sentence, was reappointed  Commander of the Navy when NO CONVICTED CRIMINAL is allowed to be an officer in the Navy.  Kean was later promoted to Permanent Secretary with the Public Service Commission when NO CONVICTED CRIMINAL is allowed to serve as PS under PSC rules
  • The dictator then gave his wife’s brother, Francis Kean, a MASSIVE PAY RISE in November 2013.

The dictator Bainimarama, also claimed a few perks, including:

  • Million Dollar Salary
  • Millions to fund his jet set overseas holidays
  • $200,000 Back Pay Scam
  • No investigation into CRW deaths
  • No investigation into his treasonous actions
  • Escaped Prison for treachery by abrogating the Constitution.

Khaiyum also gave perks to his family:

  • Brother Riyaz, runs FBC the propaganda arm of the regime
  • He is paid over $200k
  • FBC has borrowed over $20m from the Fiji Development Bank and it can’t even pay back the interest. Aiyaz got the gogovernment to guarantee the loan and insists all government departments spend most of their marketing budget with FBC.
  • Aunty Nur Bano Ali got over $500k for a consultancy project on Rewa Dairy. She also takes a commission / handling fee for processing the junta’s million dollar salaries which are handled by her firm. Overseas investors looking to work with the dictatorship must use her firm as consultants
  • Khaiyum also pays himself Million Dollar Salary and receives back-handers [bribes] from various companies including the company that installed new FBC transmission equipment for over $5m
  • Received a bribe from Tappoos who brought his house for 3 times its value.

source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Soldiers deployed to find alleged firearms

August 20, 2015

One hundred and forty soldiers are now assisting police to find firearms that apparently were going to be used to form an independent state in Fiji. Over 60 people have so far been arrested in the Western Division on sedition and inciting political violence charges.

The arrests follow claims of military-style training in Ra province.There are claims that a former British army officer has been secretly running the military-style training camps in several villages and this training involved firearms. Now the military has used Section 131 of the botched Constitution to allow soldiers to search for the firearms which they believe has been hidden away.
Coup4.5 has been told the soldiers are driving around in Budget rental cars in Ra and Tavua looking for the firearms. Meanwhile the Public Accounts Committee is still waiting for answers as to the whereabouts of $100 million dollars dispensed in the last year.
When questioned, the Finance Ministry told the committee they were not in a position to tell them where this money went to. The money was put into a fund called Head 50, where ministries apparently could dip into if they needed extra money.

It seems there are no receipts or record of which ministry or who took what amount to date.
Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Key player behind Bainimarama money making excursion to Canada named

August 8, 2015

The man believed to be responsible for getting Frank

Netani Gucake (left) in Fiji in June.

Bainimarama to Canada is Netani Gucake, who worked for the Fiji Sun in the 80s and 90s.

Gucake is now working for the church and the organisation Alpha International, a Christian based group that donated a container load of soup packets to the Fiji Corrections Services recently.

Sources say Gucake is the prime mover behind Bainimarama’s week-long trip, rallying business and community.

They also he roped in one Bobby Naicker, who paid all flight and hotel expenses for Bainimarama and wife, Mary.

Netani Gucake is understood to have been behind the of recruiting of Fijian students to attend a College in Canada, with one source claiming he got a ‘huge cut from the College while charging students consulting fees as well’.

Bainimarama will be attending at least six to eight events in Canada, with tickets ranging from $25 to $350 per person.

Last night local Canada time he attended a dinner at the home of one Peter Raju, where $250 tickets were the going rate.

The isa lei lunch at cost of $125 per person in Surrey is to be held tonight local time and people are paying $50 to get in.

Tomorrow, during the day he is attending an open air meeting where former Fijians have been charged large sums to put up tents and stalls.

Saturday afternoon and night has been reserved for Fiji Muslims and the Muslim supporters of Bainimarama led by one Mr Yasin are coughing up handsomely to meet with him.

On Sunday Bainimarama will be officially cutting the ribbon of a real estate office and attending a luncheon in a parking lot. The cost is $35 per person.

Several readers have written to Coup 4.5 asking “So who is collecting all the money and where are the profits going?”

The Fiji Sun has today run a story saying Bainimarama has invited Fijians in Canada to invest back home saying, “You deserve the opportunities Fiji now offers” and promising “peace and prosperity.”

The same story mentions Peter Raju describing him as a Fijian businessman from the Canadian Duty Free Distributors in Richmond, BC.

source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for SWM

EXPOSED: Bainimarama to fundraise and meet Muslim Community

August 6, 2015

EXPOSED: Bainimarama to fundraise and meet Muslim Community

It says he’s chief guest at the Fiji Day Celebrations but what is the real motive for Frank Bainimarama’s trip to Vancouver?

The answer lies in the programme for the celebrations.

On Saturday 8th August Canadian time, Bainimarama will meet the Muslim Business Council. The programme is littered with events but does not state any other official meeting with any other business organisation.

On Friday 7th August Canadian time, there is a red carpet gala dinner. There will be 200 tables and each table will have 10 people. The cost of the tickets? $50 Canadian.

On Sunday 9th August there is an Isa Lei Night, with tickets at $35 Canadian.

We believe both the dinner and Isa Lei night are sponsored.

So if the dinner is sold out, there will be 2000 people; 200 tables x 10 persons. This means $100,000 Canadian – the equivalent to $162,000 Fiji Dollars – will be raised.

While the former Fiji residents living in Vancouver have paid airfares for Bainimarama, it is not clear who has paid airfares for Mary Bainimarama.

Obviously, Bainimarama has already received per diem for the trip, paid by the taxpayers.

This trip to Canada looks very much like a personal trip with

shades of Bainimarama’s one-time Robin Hood Mahendra Chaudhry’s fundraising expeditions after the 2000 coup.
See the programme above for yourself.

Also an advertisement and a message from one Shalendra Kumar, obviously for a souvenir magazine.

See for yourself.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Disquiet again at barracks: will it flare to something more?

August 4, 2015

Is there truth to talk the military is moving against Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?

It’s by no means the first time the army has been disgruntled and resentful about the unfettered power of Khaiyum.

Senior officers Roko Ului Mara and Pita Diti tried to rein in Khaiyum but Bainimarama threw his key supporters to the wolves in favour of Khaiyum because he could produce illegal regulations to control citizens, laws that allowed him to hang on to the power he had seized by coup.

Who can forget the fallout between the Military Council and Bainimarama over Khaiyum in 2011?  Mara made a dramatic escape to Tonga and Driti was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

It looks like Groundhog Day with the RFMF again exhorting Bainimarama to listen to them, his loyal followers, instead of putting Khaiyum ahead of them as he has done.

Khaiyum is certainly under fire but whether the QEB restlessness flares into anything bigger remains to be seen.

There was no sign of movement inside and outside of his Vunakece road home in Namadi Heights today; there has also been unconfirmed reports that he was taken to QEB – who by and what for remains unclear.

Another unconfirmed report suggests military were in pursuit of his vehicle earlier today.

Bainimarama has managed to quell army dissent previously by bribing them with hefty pay increases and having the likes of Mosese Tikoitoga to run things, but Tikoitoga’s sudden departure may have sparked another attempt to bring   Khaiyum down.

The illegal appointment of Naupoto Viliame as Tikoitoga’s replacement, as we revealed yesterday, may have tipped things.

The Fiji sun has reported there was a meeting today between Bainimarama and senior officers and it was attended by Fiji First MPS who were officers before. Tikoitoga was not in that meeting.

The convenient alliance between Bainimarama, Khaiyum and cohorts Nazhat Shameem should have been derailed a long time ago.

If that opportunity has surfaced again, the reasons why have long been documented on the pages of this blog.

Important questions: Khaiyum is obviously under the pump but how far will it go? Who is in control at QEB – Tikoitoga or Naupoto? And why hasn’t Bainimarama interfered? Is Bainimarama prepared to sacrifice his Number Two and partner in crime to save himself?

source c4.5; posted by r varani for swm

Fiji military to ‘mould’ students through cadet training

July 27, 2015

Students will learn from a young age what it is like to be a soldier in the army.

It’s been announced that Cadet training to be conducted by the Fiji Military Forces will soon be introduced to all schools in Fiji.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou says Cadet training ‘will ensure that our youth are imparted with values required to address social issues’.

Tuitubou says this form of discipline is being introduced ‘because of the change in attitude among many young people today’.

This announcement brings so many concerns and questions with it.

Firstly, we all know the reputation of the Fiji Military Forces and how they ‘disciplined’ citizens and helped their commander take over the country in a coup in 2006.

There are so many cases of innocent people being intimidated, beaten, tortured and some dying at the hands of these soldiers.

And now these men are to become role models for our children and teach them how to have good characters and be good citizens?

This is another initiative being pushed down the throats of Fiji, just like changing the Fiji flag.

But wait, we shouldn’t be surprised.

After all this is a military regime in power under the guise of democracy and it proves itself to be the case time and time again.

source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for swm

Soldier cops 3 months jail for accepting an advantage

July 3, 2015

Friday, July 03, 2015

Update: 2:33PM A SOLDIER was this morning sentenced to three months imprisonment by the Suva Magistrates court for two counts of accepting an advantage.

Magistrate Shageeth Somaratne while sentencing Jone Toga Senibici said he brought about disrepute to his mother institution, which is the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces by his behaviour.

The court was informed that Senibici, who was working at the Department of Imiigration as a bond officer, accepted a Babu silver and gold-plated watch and $100 cash from one Yong Pan to help him with his application.

“The bribery related offences by public servants needs to be dealt with harshly with custodial sentences to deter future offenders,” Magistrate Somaratne said.

This blog is not surprised by the finding of guilt of this so called soldier under secondment to carry out the jobs of career civil servants. Reliable sources suggests that it is only one of the numerous ones that go undetected or swept under the carpet by this government both in pre and post election period.

Source – TFT; Posted by rusi varani for swm


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