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Fiji First scumbag candidates

August 20, 2014

Thanks to the hoops set up the regime, Opposition parties – especially the smaller ones – have understandably struggled to find candidates and the $1,000 to register them.

Taxpayer funded Fiji First on the hand has delivered a lacklustre crop of candidates, several carrying baggage and having conflicts of interest, damaging the party before it even hits the poll.

MIDA stalwart Matai Akauola has been widely criticised for being a candidate. Rightly so: how can he go from dictating media do’s and don’ts to standing as a candidate for the party of a military dictatorship?

We are not surprised. He had confirmed last year he was going to stand, but as an Independent: guess the lure of fame and fortune was too much for him.

Murderer Praveen Bala
Praveen Bala: charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Nemani Bainivalu: Still roaming free despite assaulting a member of the public last month.

Aktar Ali: a human resources development specialist who has distributed this email offering business excellence awards in return for support.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 10:44 PM
Subject: 2014 General Elections

Dear Leadership Fiji colleagues,
I wish to bring to your attention that I have been a member of LF2010 group and have taken a quantum leap this year.

As you are aware that I have decided to contest the 2014 General Elections and represent you in Parliament.

This becomes my next biggest challenge to secure adequate votes to make it at that level.

The journey is no easy task given a significantly tough competition amongst many players.

I have opted to contest this election with FIJI FIRST due to many reasons.

Many of you will have your personal understanding and awareness of current situation in the country.

This is the time to make the right choice and the right decision. Our countries future depends on YOU as the power is in
the hands of the voters.

So make the right decision for the best interest of this beloved country.

I seek your support for this worthy course to steer the country towards a more progressive and responsive modern FIJI.

I know we can do it…….we should move now and transformation is imminent.

This nation is destined to grow into the best south pacific Island nation which we all have dreamt of. This dream will
become a reality soon.

Everyone is entitled to his/her choice and that choice will determine the countries future. Its in your hands.

For my family brothers and sisters out there- please VOTE for me so I can go in there and help the nation develop the way we want it.

I know all about FEA and it becomes easy to handle what you know. So lets make the change….I need your votes.

I have had tremendous support and accolades in the last few days and every comment is deposited to my data base.

For those that have supported me, your favorable comments will stay with me ever.

You can view your comments if you ever get to visit me in the Ministers Office….all LF members welcome.
But I need your support. You also have the right to support the party of your choice. But make the right choice and the right decision for FIJI.

Your support and comments are welcome.

In 2012 – I gave Fea the Business Excellence Presidents Award
In 2013 – I gave Fea the 18th National Quality Convention GOLD Award,
In 2014 – I will take Fea to the Parliament
In 2015 – I would have given Fea another Presidents Award.

I will send you updates as we get closer to the elections….but be prepared to change and move for a more vibrant Fiji.
All the best for you / Leadership Fiji / and our beloved country.
May God bless FIJI.

Kind Regards
Akhtar Ali

The dictator Frank Bainimarama is arriving in Sydney this Friday and a protest is being organised.

If you can make it, the demonstration is being held outside the venue the dictator is speaking at:

Mytilenean House
225 Canterbury Rd


source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Numbers small but protest pure of heart

August 12, 2014

Post by Frank Robanakadavu.

Video was posted by Frank Robanakadavu but story is by Coup4.5

It’s easy to be smug when you’ve had eight years in ‘government’ thanks to guns and propaganda.

Frank Bainimarama supporters are stroking themselves silly over the turnout yesterday that supposedly numbered 1000 compared to the mere 40 (or 20 as they’d prefer) heckling and jeering the dictator.

What else could it have been, considering the oppression Fiji citizens have been under since Bainimarama seized control?

Anything less would’ve been a waste of the millions of taxpayer dollars he has squandered to stay in power since his coup, omnipotent rule he intends to cement via the election next month.

Snuck in via side doors but acting big with supporters
Most of the supporters last night were Indo-Fijians (there would be at least 100,000 Indians living in Auckland, so is this such a big number?)

Sadly, many see Bainimarama as a benevolent benefactor: his grand gesture the removal of the country’s last democratically-elected prime minister, Laisenia Qarase – ousted supposedly because of his anti-Indian policies and the Qoliqoli bill.

We now know Bainimarama’s motives were less than pure and while the hostilities between him and Qarase made it easy for him to overthrow the government, there was much to it than that.

Indians have certainly had a raw deal in Fiji and there are many who don’t believe they need to know beyond that, least of all Bainimarama’s crimes, including the death of citizens under his watch, the laws he continues to change to suit himself, the muzzling of media, churches, unions and NGOs, the corruption and nepotism, not to mention the trampling of itaukei rights.

There is no rule of law in Fiji so it’s all too easy to play to the audience with throwaway lines about ‘tevoros and losers.’

But we need to keep the focus on making sure people remember the illegals acts of Bainimarama and those in government with him – and the ongoing military dictatorship that will continue after September 17.

Qarase has complicated things by entering the fray again, sparking a sense of Groundhog Day, with his reported comments there is no equality of citizens in Fiji.

And yet there is truth in the thought, albeit unpalatable though it is too many, especially Indians, who are outraged and angered at the suggestion they may not be ‘equal’.

Thankfully, some have seen through the subsequent regime spin doctoring and have come to Qarase’s defence.

Mick Beddoes says Qarase has assured him he was misquoted but adds he understands where Qarase was coming from.

He says there is no better example of the unfair playing field than that of Bainimarama’s talks of equal citizenry and the hypocritical ‘irrevocable immunity’ he has allowed for himself, the president, his Cabinet ministers, the RFMF, police, judiciary and the public service.
The dictator has boasted again just this week that he has equalled us all in Fiji, but this is a lie. Indians have been elevated but it has come at the price of the rights of itaukei. Citizens across the board have, meanwhile, all been robbed of their rights to freedom and a democratic government.
Bainimarama has made things worse for Fiji but that is oft the case when devils assume power because of greed and ambition.

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

How New Roads And Potholes Make Bainimarama Rich

August 5, 2014

Where are the Auditor General’s reports?

The Auditor General is responsible for the audit of all government and public sector agencies to:

  • promote public accountability in the public administration of the country
  • audit annual financial statements of the country, government departments and regional authorities
  • conduct performance audits.

Every year, the Auditor General is supposed to audit every one of the country’s public sector entities. From the largest government department to the smallest local authority to the most remote school board of trustees, our public sector touches every aspect of our lives – social, environmental, and economic.

The Auditor General’s job is to carry out in-depth audits, studies, and inquiries into the public sector to provide assurance to public entities, Parliament, and the public that ALL public money has and is being used wisely and as intended. BUT this is NOT being done IN FIJI.  

BAINIMARAMA has dictated that NO Auditor General Report is to be made public for anyone to see the truth about how they have mismanaged Fiji and defrauded Fiji of millions of dollars!

Meanwhile, Bainimarama and Khaiyum are travelling the country and lying to the people about how much good they are doing for Fiji, while they hide the truth in the Auditor General’s reports from being published.

The free school fees, free bus rides, free scholarships and goodies you get now all come at a cost to the people of Fiji.   The real costs may never be know so longs as Khaiyum and Bainimarama ban the auditor general from publishing his reports.  The consequence of this evil we see every day, but take for granted.  Since Bainimarama and Khaiyum took over, we had the:

  • highest number of unemployed in our history
  • highest levels of poverty
  • highest cost of living
  • highest levels of government corruption
  • highest levels of national debt, that every man woman and baby owes over $7,55 each in overseas debt
  • highest rate of nepotism with Bainimarama and Khaiyum giving top jobs to members of their uneducated and unqualified family and friends
  • highest rates of crime and rape
  • highest rate of land theft
  • highest rate of torture and intimidation

All this for a few pieces of silver in the form of  free fees, free bus fare, free sewing machines, and free brush cutters!!

Source – tff; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

August 5, 2014

Picture Remember this, the 2014 Budget: selling the farm assets? Yes, Rewa Dairy was also sold to CJ Patel, the same crook who owns pro-dictatorship Fiji Sun newspaper. It was facilitated by the corrupt and lying Khaiyum’s corrupt Aunty Bano Ali, who got paid over one million dollars for her services. The Fiji Airways AIRBUS planes do not belong to the people of Fiji! They belong instead to Waqavuka Limited, which is also run by Bano Ali on behalf of Khiayum and Bainimarama …… What else are these lying, corrupt, criminals also hiding from the people of Fiji?! Especially when the y have banned the auditor general from revealing any of their secret deals and multiple salaries! So if Khaiyum and Bainimarama win the elections then they will do more than just hide the truth from you the people, they will continue to: steal Fiji’s wealth and resources give their uneducated children, family and friends top jobs that they know nothing about steal native lands lie to your faces beat-up and intimidate citizens rule Fiji for ever, because they will change all the laws and the constitution to give them what they want, and worst of all – murder, torture and rape will become acceptable under their dictatorship! Picture Picture Click HERE to read more at Shazzer & Grubby Picture Picture Fiji’s Fiction Broadcasting Corporation [FBC] reports that vehicles belonging to supporters of the corrupt and illegal FijiFirst party have been vandalized. What exciting news! Hooray! The oppressed people of Fiji, who have been intimidated, beaten-up, tortured, murdered and banned from free speech, since December 2006, have found a new medium to voice their disgust at the corrupt, lying and illegal FijiFirst party. FBC reported that supporters of FijiFirst who carry the FijiFirst banner or logo on their vehicle have been targets of stone-throwing patriots of a free and democratic Fiji. FBC NEWS spoke to one of the victims who wished to remain anonymous. “I took a passenger to Vuci Nausori and after dropping the passenger – when I was returning to Suva – a group of i-taukei boys approached my vehicle and damaged the back screen – because I have the FijiFirst party logo there. I did not stop the vehicle because I was alone and it was night time….isa! ”FijiFirst General Secretary Khaiyum said that people should not be intimidated and report such matters to the authorities.“ A couple of people also told khaiyum that they were threatened, couple of cars had stones thrown at – obviously this is the kind of thuggery that the other political parties and their supporters engage in. This is hilarious coming from the illegal and corrupt khaiyum! Fiji’s impotent Assistant Police Commissioner Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, says it can’t take any action because there hasn’t been any complaint lodged. Remember, this is the same tool who has not done anything about earlier complaints lodged against Bainimarama and his fijifirst party. Rusiate goes on to say there should be an official complaint lodged at various Police Stations or written to through any correspondence in regards to such incidents that have happened or in the presence of any police officer – any breach of the law that is done he can defiantly take actions. Wow, did Rusiate suddenly find his balls! Where they hidden in the toilet cabinet or is Rusiate just farting our his mouth again with more rhetoric?! The FijiFirst Party also alleges that it’s members have been physically intimidated and threatened. – Oh, how sad! This coming from the very party whose leader, Fiji’s dictator and self-appointed PM, Frank Bainimarama, committed treason and removed a democratically elected government to stop the police from arresting him and his treasonous backers and sending them all to prison. In doing so Bainimarama beat-up and tortured citizens, murdered CRW soldiers and a baby and threatened everyone not to Fuck with the army! Yes, the FijiFirst party is all about lying, intimidation, torture and corruption to remain in power by hook or by crook! BUT good news! The oppressed people of Fiji are fed up of the lies, corruption and threats and are finally finding their courage and voice. Rock on kemuni! Picture Fiji’s criminal, lying and corrupt dictator, Frank Bainimarama, and his FijiFirst party continue to select low-life thugs into their illegal party. The latest low-life to join FijiFirst is Nemani Bainivalu, who lost control during a heated debate with a voter over land and is accused of saying to the voter, “..o iko na luveni kailoma sega na kemu qele”, which means “Oh, you son of a part-European, you don’t have any land”. Bainivalu then assaulted the man while the FijiFirst party president, Dr Luveni Jiko, looked on with a smile upon her face. But the dictator’s own mother, wife and children are all kai loma / half-cast! Its clear that the dictator, Bainimarama, has set a low-down standard for his party with his acts of: cowardice, when he abandoned his men to save himself, and in the process shit in his pants out of fear running through the casava patch! thuggery, beating unarmed men and women, jumping on the back of a pregnant women and killing her unborn child! murdering CRW soldiers corruption land theft lying and so much more! Bainimarama is NOT a leader. Bainimarama is a criminal running from the law


source – tff; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Good candidates get push while Fiji First thug roams free

August 4, 2014

Somebody has drunk the Kool Aid.

Otherwise how could they think the Fiji elections are above board – there are just too many examples of it being otherwise.

Pacific leaders meeting in Palau yesterday agreed to automatically lift Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum, if the September 17 elections are ‘free and fair’.

The decision came after a recommendation from New Zealand Foreign minister, Murray McCully, who reckons all indications are that Fiji’s elections will be democratic.

Clearly, the McCully’s of the world are turning a blind eye to the everyday happenings on the ground that show time and time again there is no transparency in the regime poll.

Just last week the Supervisor of Elections, Saneem Mohammed, ruled the party, One Fiji, couldn’t contest the elections because the name was too similar to Fiji First.

The illegal Attorney General and General Secretary of the Fiji First party, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, was subsequently quoted as saying people could get ‘confused’ because the word ‘One’ is similar to the word ‘First’.

We also now have the case of prominent lawyer and National Federation Party candidate, Makereta Waqavonono, being bundled out of the election process by a last minute change to the Electoral Decree 2014.

Waqavonono, who has been working in Australia for the last 12 months, had applied to the High Court
seeking clarification of s56(2) of the Constitution and s23 of the Electoral Decree on the meaning of ‘ordinarily resident’.

Amended decree as of yesterday

Conveniently, Justice Kamal Kumar said he couldn’t rule on the case – with the regime quickly passing an amendment effectively disqualifying Waqavonono.

This is an outrageous act of desperation from a regime that is terrified of losing power,” says Waqavonovono.

“To add insult to injury, the court orders $3000 court costs against me!”

Nemani Bainivalu update
Fiji media have meanwhile failed to cover the story of Fiji First candidate, Nemani Bainivalu, racially abusing and assaulting a voter during a heated debate at the Wainivula
church hall last week. (see our earlier story)

Bainivalu is being quoted on Fijilive as saying he joined Fiji First to reassure indigenous Fijians that their land is safe.

No mention whatsoever of his outrageous loss of control – just a positive story allowing him to paint himself a hero.

In any other country, Bainivalu would have been charged by police, ditched as a candidate and his party, Fiji First, would have plummeted at the polls.

Romeo – should be in jail and out of the election

Bainivalu has been hailed as a model candidate, but his actions in public, including his Facebook, makes us wonder.

In a picture of him with his wife and sister-in-law he posts “Rua vakadua, ni rau yadua sara tu la na rumu, Moniti eke, Tusiti kea, Vukelulu eke, Lotulevu kea, Vakaraubuka eke, Vakarauwai kea, Siga Tabu cegu caka mada na lotu!”

Translation: “They both have a room each. I go to one on Monday, Tuesday the other, Wednesday the other, Thursday the other, Friday the other, Saturday the other. On Sunday I rest and go to Church.”

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Police Hypocrisy In Action

July 18, 2014

The Fiji Times reports Men on the run [July 16, 2014] and that the Fiji Police is warning members of the public that harbouring prisoners is a serious offence. Oh really!!

If so then why has the NEW police commissioner, with all his righteous experience from South Africa, not arrested the dictator Bainimarama and his parasitic master, Khaiyum?! The dictators 2006 coup was ruled illegal by Fiji’s legitimate Court of Appeal and, therefore, any and all decisions and decrees by the dictator’s junta are also illegal!

So in reality, so far, the new police commissioner, Major General Bernadus Groenewald, is just another puppet here in Fiji to collect a lavish pay-check while he awaits the angel of death to take to full-time retirement!

The police warning comes as a nationwide search was launched yesterday for three remand prisoners who have been on the run for three days. Bainimarama, khaiyum, ratu Epeli Nailatikau, ratu kubu-abola, hari Punja and Tappoos and their supporters have been on the run since December 2006! AND they are still walking around today right in front of the police [love is surely blind]!!

Police West spokeswoman Naina Ragigia said that one of the prisoners was wanted for a case of murder, BUT so is Frank Bainimarama who is also wanted for murder of CRW soldiers and an unborn child !!! And everyone knows where he lives!!!

Ragigia goes on to say that the other two prisoners were wanted for cases relating to robbery with violence and impersonating a public officer. BUT impersonating a public officer is exactly what Bainimarama, Khaiyum, ratu Nailatikau, ratu kubu-abola are all doing, so arrest them too!

One of the prisoners was in remand for a case of murder that took place in Naisaumua, Tailevu last year. He is also referred to as ‘mongoose’. BUT Bainimarama is out free for a case of murdering his own CRW soldiers in 2000 and murdering an innocent baby in 2006. Frank Bainimarama is also referred to as “lamu sona, coward, luve ni kaisi, bakola, pig, dictator, and poo-poo pants, to name just a few.

Another prisoner is known for offences relating to robbery with violence, aggravated robbery, and theft. AND SO are Khaiyum and Bainimarama! They are robbing Fiji of its wealth and lands!

Ragigia said that members of the public are urged to be aware of such people and to contact the nearest police station or post if they have any information on the escapees. Meanwhile, what about the numerous complaints that have been lodged with the police about Bainimarama and Kahiyum and their corrupt and illegal practices, intimidation and fear tactics, etc! NO ACTION TAKEN BY POLICE!!

- c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Fiji’s deposed PM warns Bainimarama and Khaiyum ‘your days are numbered’

July 18, 2014

Laisenia Qarase has told coup leader, Frank Bainimarama, and his illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, their days ‘are numbered’.

In a video released on Youtube yesterday, Qarase responds to Khaiyum’s latest diatribe about the Great Council of Fiji, which appeared in the Fiji Sun this week, describing the comments as ‘denigrating and insulting.’

Qarase says Khaiyum has no right as an Indo-Fijian to tell indigenous Fijians what to do, especially about the GCC.

He also says opposition parties with large Indo-Fijian followings, such as FLP, NFP and PDP, all want to retain the GCC.

A party stalwart says Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama have used media and criminal decrees to try to frighten SODELPA but it was now stepping out on social media ‘to find space for our democratic and indigenous group rights that include diversity.’

“This is not about racism but about market science, art and truth.”

Teimumu leads march in West

Qarase’s hard hitting video comes as SODELPA supporters brave police to march in Lautoka to mark the opening of its new office in the West.

The march was led by party leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, and despite restrictions on the use of placards and being monitored, supporters joined in.

Member for the West, Mick Beddoes, says members and supporters came out in numbers to signal the ‘awaking’ of the SODELPA push to regain democracy for Fiji.

“All those who found the courage to step out in the open and declare their support for SODELPA have the gratitude and admiration of the SODELPA leadership,” says Beddoes.

No placards allowed but Lautoka march signals ‘awaking’.
He says joining the march would not have been easy as many people remain intimidated and fearful.

He hoped the courage displayed by West supporters yesterday, would motivate and encourage others to ‘cast aside their fears and join in the push to re-establish accountable and transparent democracy in Fiji.’

Beddoes has also criticised the latest poll from the Fiji Sun suggesting Fiji First would win 40 seats.

“And this win comes without a single other candidate for Fiji First being named,” says Beddoes “so it’s Frank Bainimarama’s win and the other 49 candidates to be announced are irrelevant.

“So even if Frank nominated 49 goats to stand with him, according to the polls he and 49 goats would win 40 seats.”

Beddoes says Bainimarama had announced just last week that he would take all 50 seats and ‘now even his rigged poll has to concede that Fiji First might win 40 seats.’

“But this is a 20% drop despite the millions of dollars they are throwing into these elections.”

Beddoes says SODELPA and its opposition partners are just “warming up, so if we have already put a 20% dent in his rigged poll outcomes, it’s not unreasonable to assume that once our campaign pace and message gets some traction, another 20% drop is likely and all of a sudden Frank Bainimarama will be looking at 30 seats.”

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM


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