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Public enterprises worse-off under CORRUPT AG and PS Powell

December 4, 2013


Kacivaka Na Dina reports that Fiji’s illegal and corrupt AG says that MOST STATE OWNED ENTERPRISES HAVE BEEN CORRUPT.  This may have been so, but the situation has gotten worse under Khaiyum’s dictatorship and tantrums!

While talking to participants at the Fiji Directors Course at Holiday Inn the illegal
Attorney General Khaiyum said most of the state owned enterprises in Fiji have been corrupt.   But he forgets to mention that if the CEO’s do not give contracts to his corrupt friends and relatives or do as he has directed then they are accused of mismanagement and fired.

The illegal AG also said that in many of the state owned enterprises, the directors play a major role in terms of some of the management’s aspects because of the lack of skills set in management levels.  But Khaiyum forgets to mention that a lot of top quality directors wont join the boards because of travel sanctions set by Australia and NEw Zealand  where most of their family live.  So instead, corrupt or lazy and incompetent people take up positions in boards.  Khaiyum also overrules decisions of Boards that go against his relatives and friends, like Solanki and Vodafone who provide a lower standard of service at higher costs.

Khaiyum also said in any other jurisdiction where there is a higher level of accountability and transparency, this would not even happen.  He is true for once!! ….. BUT true to form Khaiyum goes straight back into lying mode, by adding that what they are trying to do is lift the bar and get in line with other best international practices.  This is a blatant lie!  Khaiyum is just saying more nice words without any sincerity or integrity or transparency.

A key aspect to lifting that proverbial bar and to get in line with other best international practices is to release the Auditor General’s report.  But as most suspect, the report is locked away, if not already destroyed, never to see the light of day under Bainimarama’s corrupt dictatorship.  Why is this?  The Auditor Generals report will reveal the true level of corruption committed by Khaiyum and Bainimarama. This will include their illegal multiple salaries, crooked deals, how Khaiyum’s aunty bano got paid $2million from Rewa Dairy or how and why she gets to pay cabinet ministers their salaries direct from her private company, nepotism,  mismanagement of the economy and FNPF pensions, and what all they have stolen from loans in the name of Fiji, from aid agencies and from Fiji.

Source – Truth for Fiji; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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